Forth, and fear no darkness!
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Disney posters by Tom Whalen

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i have seen some things recently about how like “being able to follow your passions is a financial privilege it’s not an option for everyone sometimes it’s best to just go with what offers the most financial security”. and like. i know that there are lots of people who feel ashamed to have made practical life choices because of the whole “follow your dreams~~!!” mentality, and that’s a shame because obviously people shouldn’t feel ashamed for doing what they feel is best for them, but i definitely think that a much more prevalent problem is people being pressured into making practical, financially viable life choices to the detriment of their passions/dreams. so as well meaning as i’m sure they are, i think that posts like “remember kids, only rich people can follow their dreams. people who tell you otherwise are just rich people who don’t understand the struggles of the poor, so don’t listen to them. feel free to get a nice stable job and forget those lofty goals” are doing more harm than good, like they’re making the people who feel ashamed to have been practical feel good, which is good, but they’re potentially discouraging the hordes of people who need to be encouraged to forget what their family/society wants them to do and follow their passions.

remember kids:

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